Inspiring Change: International Women’s Day

International Women's DayInternational Women’s Day celebration of gender equality around the world.  This year’s theme is “Inspiring Change for Greater Awareness of Women’s Equality”.  Women are now rising through the educational and corporate ranks faster than ever.  In Ireland, 56% of all third-level graduates are women.  54.6% of all Irish women are in the workforce, and the pay gap between men and women is lower than the European average, 14.4% vs 16.4%.  Check out this great infographic from Eurostat:

However, international women’s day isn’t just about education and employment, rather it is a celebration of the rising economic and political clout of women.  In some ways, the fact that companies seek out effective marketing to women is an acknowledgement of women’s vast consumer influence.

The fact that International Women’s Day, and the more general topic of “marketing to women” are major initiatives for companies is an acknowledgement of how far women have risen.  Companies can also reflect an aspirational view, inspiring change by portraying the “to be”, rather than the “as-is” in their marketing campaigns.  Campaigns like Unilever’s Project Sunlight are Inspiring Change.  It is aimed no only at women in developed countries, but also at women in the countries where the project is taking place.  It appeals to the desire of all women to change the world around them.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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