Instagram vs Pinterest – which is better?

Instagram and Pinterest are both rapidly growing, highly visual social media platforms.  Is one better than the other for marketing to women? Let’s look at the stats:

InstagramPinterest2Both platforms are dominated by women, Pinterest more so than Instagram. Instagram is popular with luxury brands, and companies looking to reach a young, more urban demographic. Instagram got a huge boost in December 2013, when Beyoncé used her feed to announce the release of her new album, BEYONCE.  Beyoncé did no additional promotion of her album before it was released.

Pinterest has a more mature audience, but it is more evenly distributed among age groups.   Pinterest is also a more affluent audience, with an average household income of $100K+.  The site is very popular for home decor, cooking, and fashion categories.  59% of women use Pinterest for holiday shopping gift ideas .

So which one is better?  Each platform has strengths and drawbacks, and companies should think carefully before jumping on the latest trend, just because everyone else is. Pinterest is much better at introducing customers to retailers, while Instagram is stronger at reinforcing brand awareness and loyalty.  Which one you choose depends strongly on your motications and goals.

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