The Mother Tongue: Unilever “Why Bring a Child into This World”

Unilever has launched a new corporate sustainability initiative, Project Sunlight.  This campaign, launched just a few weeks ago, encourages people to live more sustainably, and shows consumers how to make sustainable living itself easier (with Unilever products, of course!)  As the first part of Unilever has produced a film “Why bring a child into this world?  to help consumers see the importance of sustainability.

In addition to being a strong corporate philanthropy initiative, this campaign is also an excellent example of marketing to women.  Women are, by far, the primary purchasers of consumer packaged goods, and are Unilever’s main customer.  Women, as consumers, want companies they do business with to be involved in ‘doing more’ than just making a profit. Women, especially those with higher levels of disposable income, seek out brands with values that align to their own.  For these women, there is a huge range of considerations besides cost when selecting a product.  She is more drawn to products that appeal to her inner philanthropist, that embody her values, and actively seek to make a difference (as opposed to just ’cause marketing’).   Women view charity as a moral obligation, and tend to give the most to education, religious, and health-related causes.   This campaign meets all of these requirements, by not only highlighting the work Unilever is doing in sustainability and public health, but also promoting Unilever products themselves.  The campaign establishes a clear link between purchasing the Unilever products and supporting a sustainability across the world.

The message of the video connects with mothers in a particular way, by focusing on the very positive aspects of bringing children into the world – that they will have a better life than us, more longevity, and better health.  The video is full of hope and promise for the next generation.  In a world full of “doom and gloom” news, where negative headlines sell better than positive ones, this video is a very poignant reminder of why raising children today is so full of promise.

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